Where's the humanity?

There is no doubt about it, our world is becoming a difficult place to navigate these days. An unyeilding maze of traffic and noise, litter and road rage, cell phones and bad manners. (Can someone tell me when manners went out of style and entitlement became the new rage?)
An environment where a lack of empathy and a swelling of apathy are taking over our daily lives like a scene from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". And I have to admit, not only do I cringe when I bare witness to this "Invasion" but I sometimes feel like an accomplice. Like some new force of gravity is pulling me down into the abyss of madness............. I'm shrinking, I'm shrinking..................
Well all I can say is thank god for salons. They are a sanctuary for me and I might add for many humans trying to escape the invasion. A place where you can relax, read a magazine, enjoy a cup of tea and walk out looking and feeling quite fabulous.
The one thing I admire most about both my teams of stylists is not only their ambition, their creativity and their passion for the beauty industry but their humanity. Their genuine pleasure in making a guest look and feel their best. These caring individuals don't work on super models or famous celebrities, they develop relationships with real woman. They feel their pain when they loose their jobs and they cry with them when they loose a loved one. These caregivers are there for their weddings, the birth of their children and when a guest is ill and fighting for their life. So next time you feel like you are being sucked into the abyss, take a deep breath, shut off your cell phone and walk into one of our salons. Let yourself re-connect with humanity.


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