Happiness is in the journey

I love Sundays. I wake early, walk my dog Max along Revere Beach, grab a dunkin donuts coffee and then sit for a few hours and do paperwork while Max sleeps at my feet. I have always considered my self the creative type. I love to formulate haircolor, I love to decorate and merchandise products and I love to write. But I secretly have a passion for sitting at my desk and doing the numbers for my business. What is torture for most business owners is pure relaxation to me. I look forward to pulling out my weekly receipts and Dome books (Yes, that's right, no Quick books for this girl) and hovering over the columns like a proud parent. Examining what came in, what went out and searching my right brain, or is it the left brain, for creative solutions on where to cut expenses, on making the right purchases, on how to gain client loyalty and build customer service skills, and how to promote my employees and keep the guests happy. It's like a road that has so many twists and turns but no end.
My mind never shuts off. Not that I actually want it to. I guess this is my pursuit to happiness. Happiness is in the journey.


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