We all know how the polar vortex is reeking havoc on our winter hair and skin.  Uggggg,  Hair feels dry and brittle and out of control static just adds to the hair disaster.  I know a lot of people recommend rubbing your hair with dryer sheets, but I don't.  Mainly because of the added scents and the chemicals they are made with.   Here are some tips on how to keep your winter locks under control:

1.  Use a light conditioner after shampooing.  Even if your hair is fine and thin, a little dab will glide right through, just rinse well.  Or you can use a light detangler.

2. After shampoo and conditioner, absorb most of the water out of your hair with a towel.  Do not rub the towel on your hair. This can cause frizz, just gently squeeze about 20% the water out.

3. A styling cream or prep worked through the hair before drying is a great help to control frizz and static. Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style prep, Brilliant humectant, or Brilliant Damage Control can all protect your hair from the heat while adding moisture. 

4.  Do not over dry your hair!  This is important.  If you keep styling after it's dry, this will start to produce static.   Use a boar bristle brush with a wooden handle if you have one. 

5. Add just a couple of drops of Dry Remedy oil to your palms, emulsify into your hands and lightly rub your hair from midshaft to ends. Rub a little through your ends when finished.  This oil will add moisture and soak right into your hair.  It will not make it oily at all. 

Also if you are going to wear a hat,  just give your hair a quick squirt of hairspray. This should keep away the static cling when you remove your hat. 

Now, how many more days to spring?


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