Here comes the Bride

While growing up, I think most young girls fantasize about their wedding day. She will day dream about who it is she will fall in love with and marry, romanticizing each moment of her stroll down the aisle to meet her partner, who's face is probably a bit blurry at this point in her life.  But as our young lady matures, the image of the way she will look on her wedding day becomes crystal clear.
Your wedding day is an exciting and stressful time. So once you choose your dress, it is time to make an appointment with a professional hairstylist to consult about how to wear you hair and make-up. Choosing a bridal style can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is to be stressed about your hair. You need to make sure you are able to communicate your ideas about your hair and make-up to your stylist so they can help you achieve your desired look.
When is comes to bridal styles you will have to examine your own personality. For instance, if you normally wear your hair short and sassy, you don't have to grow it out to wear an updo style that doesn't "Fit" your persona. There are many ways you can dress up your hair.  Or you can add extensions if you prefer a different look with more volume.
Not only do you need to consider your personality when choosing a style, you also should consider your dress and head piece, the weather and the wedding environment.  Is the wedding formal and elegant or casual and beachy?  Is your gown simple and sleek or flowy and fluffy?  Will your head piece have a veil attached or would you prefer just a few flowers in your hair?

Not every style will look good on every bride.   Face shape and length of neck must be considered if wearing the hair sleeked back behind the ears.  That is why it is so important to do a trial style before the big day. Your stylists has education, experience and knowledge to help make your day stress free.  A stylist and make-up artist also know how to make you look trendy with out "Dating" your photos.  They can also recommend products and tips that will keep your hair and make-up fresh all day.
You want to look radiant on your wedding day, so keep in mind to relax, eat healthy, exercise and get a facial a few weeks before the wedding.  Take care of your skin and hair and cut out some photos of styles that appeal to you.  You will notice a common theme in what you are choosing. This may help you decide.  Best of luck.


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