Swampscott Fire

      I Just want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, gestures and for their generosity during this heartbreaking time.  The town of Swampscott, the Chamber and the residents and business owners have gone out of their way to help us all in our recovery from this devastating fire.  It has been three weeks already and although time heals, the business owners and I am sure, the residents upstairs, are still struggling to get their footing and relocate.
        There was a special camaraderie between my neighbors and fellow business owners that had blossomed over the past couple of years on that beautiful corner lot by the sea.  As people drove up Lynn shore Drive and made their way into Swampscott, we were their first impression. Their introduction to this quaint community. The gateway to the North Shore.
  Jayne and her family cared for and respected the building like it was part of their family.  And Besides loving and sharing the same amazing view each day, my neighbors and I also shared a great passion for our businesses.
Jay and Debbie at Seaside Cafe had fixed up their little cafe so cute and cozy and they were always trying out new dishes.  I will personally miss their lobster rolls and their clam chowder in a bread bowl!  And Deb knows how I feel about her 7 layer bars.  I was addicted.
At Peter's Tailoring I will certainly miss my three Italian ladies who are not only the best at their craft but could also whip up a mean expresso. No one works harder than they do.
Irma's window at J & I custom draperies always changed with the seasons and I will miss how beautifully she decorated it and her shop. She is a tremendous buisness woman and works hard at her craft.
What can I say about Jessica at Jessica's Nails except what a sweet, hard working woman with An American dream that literally went up in flames, not once, but twice. She lost her first business location in a fire up the street. Jessica not only lost her business, but her home upstairs. She moved here from Revere to be close to her business and make a better life for herself last summer.

The Humphrey St. business owners would like everyone to know they are still in business and need your support and your business while they go through the difficult  process of relocating and rebuilding. Below are all their phone numbers. 
Jessica's Nails   781-654-7888
Peter's Custom Tailoring  781-599-0050 or 781-593-5509
J & I Custom Draperies  781-477-0208
Seaside Cafe 781-595-6700
Raina's Hair Color Cafe 781-289-1266

 You Can't keep a good business woman down.  This photo is our past, we are headed for new beginnings. The town of Swampscott can help by making it easy for Jayne to rebuild.  I am not sure about the others, but I want to come back to this community that I have grown to love and to that corner lot by the sea where my dream had come true.
Here is a link if you would like to help out:   http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=158055104252710&index=1


  1. Thank you so much Raina. It is so sad to look at how hard everyone had worked. It was a great bunch of people and Joe and I will miss working with all of you on Humphrey street. Things have been hard looking for a new home for sea side cafe' Just praying that a door will open. The store number is 781-595-6700

  2. I wasn't sure if you still had the old number. I will change it on the blog. Take care and keep in touch.


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