Give Hope and love for the holidays and spend locally

The holidays are fast approaching and our economy is lagging behind. Families are struggling to pay bills, small buisness are trying to stay afloat and many people are still losing their jobs. But this is a majical time of the year. The season of hope and a chance to give back to those in need.
This is why I love Aveda. Their holiday gift sets are all wrapped in paper from Nepal. Aveda's collaboration with villages and organizations in Nepal help to keep families intact, and women for the first time, can particiate in success. The earnings help families afford school and help break the cycle of poverty for the next generation. Among Aveda's 21 partner communities in Nepal, household income has risen 318%.
Aveda has also helped link communities in Nepal with child Rights advocates working to end abusive practices including child bonded labor and child trafficing. So when you give an Aveda gift set, you give a gift that truly matters and you support the salon where you purchase the set.
Think about this when you spend money during the holidays.
Is your gift giving back to the world? Are you spending locally to help your community through tough economic times? Are you making donations to local shelters?
Our salon will be collecting unwrapped gifts for homeless veterans this holiday season. Please bring a gift by either our Revere or swampscott location. Everyone is welcome to our Open House Monday night december 7th from 6-8. Don't forget tomorrow is Veteran's Day.


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